The Room opened in 1992 as a nightclub specializing in jazz and soul. It got it’s name from the concept behind creating a space where people felt like they were inviting their friends to come over to their room. It was also intended to be a hangout for members of Mondo Grosso who had moved to Tokyo from Kyoto.
With friendly service, a rarity in Japanese clubs and a relaxed atmosphere it has become a social gathering place where artists and audiences mingle.
It is also one of the few venues in the world where the music played is produced by the staff and DJs, this music includes Mondo Grosso’s ‘Family’, Monday Michiru’s ‘You Make Me’, Chara’s ‘Jr. Sweet’, UA’s ‘Rhythm’, Aco’s ‘Yureru Taion’, bird’s ‘souls’, Cosmic Village’s ‘Nice Age’, Kyoto Jazz Massive’s ‘Eclipse’, Sleep Walker’s ‘Ai No Kawa’, Hajime Yoshizawa’s ‘I Am With You’, Shuya Okino’s ‘Still In Love’, DJ KAWASAKI’s ‘Blazin’’, ROOT SOUL’s ‘Spirit Of Love’, Yosuke Tominaga’s ‘Daytona’, Kyoto Jazz Sextet’s ‘Mission’, NAYUTAH’s ‘Girl’.

Since 2000 The Room has been introducing a wider range of quality music including funk, rare groove, hip-hop, disco, boogie, house and broken beats, still with an emphasis on jazz and soul influences. The club has been highly acclaimed by international artists, including Kenny Dope, who called it “my favorite club in the world” (IDJ magazine), and there are countless tales of DJs and musicians who have come to Japan to play and then head down to The Room to hang out, giving it the reputation of the artist’s club.
In 2011, The Room declared it’s intention to move away from the category of ‘nightclub’ and launched a new policy of ‘TAMARIBA’ meaning Creative Gathering Place.
This change was to move away from the image of nightclub culture with segregated VIP rooms and celebrity spotting and promote a social space for artists and audiences without losing it’s cool factor, which Louis Vuitton recognised when they named The Room a place to visit when traveling in Japan.
While proud of remaining a long established Kobaco (small night club) it has expanded to bigger venues with events such as “One Song One Soul” and “Tokyo Crossover/Jazz Festival” and has organized events for over 3000 capacity. The Room has already had over 1 million visitors and boasts a potential fan base of over 5 million including listeners of music produced from The Room.
As The Room celebrates it’s 30th anniversary it continues to be an all inclusive, creative venue for anyone who wants a night out in Tokyo with people who love music .