2023-06-09 FRI


OPEN 21:00


kent niszw (Soul Matters)
STEFANY (William Break)
teresahenn as ryokirm


The event “Shirakaba” has been named from the very first culture book in Japan also called “Shirakaba” ; published in 1910s to 1920s. The book of Shirakaba was mainly introducing modern art of the Western countries and Japanese folk art. One of the editor of Shirakaba, Muneyoshi Yanagi’s ideology for his Japanese folk art activities (Mingei, he said) was “seeking for hidden sense of art characters in Japanese folk cultures by using with understanding of the Western countries sense of beauty, and this process is the activities of “民藝 (Mingei)”.
This ideology has common sense with specific activities from HipHop movements in 1990s Japan that Japanese diggers have tried to dig out raregrooves from Japanese songs with HipHop manner.
In the event of Shirakaba, DJs will spin mainly Japanese raregrooves and raregrooves from all over the world with the sense built by diggin Japanese music, the rare event in Tokyo you can give a listen to dope music mixing together from all the world around.